The Borgias season 1 episode 2

Watch The Borgias season 1 episode 2 The Assasin Free Online,will be aired 3 April 2011 09.00 on showtime. with title The Assasin Free this episode look exiting,all make the audience very tense drama. The second extraordinary appearance of jeremy irons are perfect. what will happen next?

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Watch Online The Borgias Season 1 Episode 2: The Assassin For Free - And there was also a time in the history of the world that families and bloodlines rule a nation, when brothers marry their sisters, cousins marry their far cousins. That seems pukey, but they did it to preserve monarchy, so the sovereignty of their country rests in their hands alone. Now, if you’re the type of person who fancy reliving the old times then

So you’d say you’re so familiar with the Frazzolinis, De Medicis, wealthy families of long ago. But have you heard of the Borgias? Which are well-known in the modern world as the Reagans of France. They rose to prominence around the 1400s to 1500s. they were at first worshipped by the Renaissance artists for their thumbs up on the gifted artisans of the 15th century. Just when everything was quite a flawless finish, the family was then remembered for their corrupt reign as one of their members became a pop.

Eventually, murders, adultery, rape, simony, and poison by arsenic became accusations, accusations turned into disgusting revelations, and into crimes which became the downfall of the Borgias

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    On 31 Maret 2011 19.47 Jim mengatakan...

    the antagonists in this story in the literary sense, they're anti-heroes, the evil protagonists. Rodrigo was more power hungry and corrupt than most modern day politicians and Mafiosos combined. This Renaissance period is one of the most intriguing times in history. I really liked the first episode and am looking forwood for more. Wath The Borgias Episodes Online


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